1. Ensure that the equipment you are using is safe and fit for use! Ask us if you want us to check anything – We have tools!
  2. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times! (NO Sandals/Flip flops, crocs)
  3. Be aware and considerate of others around you at all times
  4. Obey the staff at all times
  5. Be respectful and polite to others, they have equal right to be there.
  6. Don’t Snake! Be aware of others on the ramps
  7. Only use the ramps your are able to – Know your Limits. (We’re here to help if you want to learn!).
  8. Please don’t sit around on ramps if your not riding or waiting to ride.
  9. You can leave the park and come back in provided you have the correct wrist band!
  10. Don’t hog the ramps
  11. All scooters welcome, however three wheeled scooters and folding scooters have restricted access on some ramps.
  12. No pegs on the half pipe’s.
  13. No waxing the equipment, ask a member of staff
  14. Bar ends must be used! No exceptions.
  15. Always wear a helmet when in the park, You have 1 warning only.
  16. Other than helmets, you have 2 warnings and your out.
  17. We recommend full safety equipment (Helmets can be provided, ask a member of staff.
  18. You must only enter the park if you have the correct wristband for the session!
    Parents – Please don’t enter the park unless given permission by staff first. If you are given permission, you’ll still need a helmet!