Our Mission

We are a group of passionate skaters, and would be skaters from the local churches in Weston. We unashamedly want to serve our local skate, scooter, in-liner and BMX community, into the ultimate vision of opening an indoor skate warehouse. We don’t know where this warehouse will be yet, but we believe that together with the support of our partners we can make this dream a reality.

To reach this goal we intend to operate pop-up skate parks in various locations in and around Weston Super Mare with the aim of generating as much interest and partnership as possible.

There are so many amazingly talented skaters, scooter riders, in liners and BMX riders that go un-noticed in our parks. We want to find them and work with them.

With skateboarding entering the Olympics in Japan in 2020, we now have an amazing opportunity to discover and train an Olympic champion of the future. We believe this can become a reality as we work together to reach our dream.

Now, if you’re still reading this that means you have an interest in what we are doing. So, may I be so bold as to ask you to join us on our journey and to become one of our ever increasing community of like-minded people, looking to make a difference for this generation and the generations to come!

Thanks for your support

Andy Skyrme